10 Key Events In The Avaya Channel This Year

May 2011: VENA Bulk-Up

VENA, or Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture, is Avaya's dog in the data center fabric fight -- a key piece of Avaya's virtualization and data networking strategies and the means by which it intends to grow the data networking business it acquired with Nortel in 2009. The last big update to VENA, which launched in November 2010, came in May -- new products that extend VENA to the data center edge -- following a campus core extension launched in February. The major products involved with the May launch included the Avaya VSP 7000, a 24-port, 10-GbE top of rack switch enabled for 10 Gbps SPF+, 40 Gps or 100 Gbps, along with other bells and whistles.

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