Eye On IPO: 10 Networking And Infrastructure Companies To Watch

Arista Networks

You don't need to go far to understand Arista's plans: the company describes itself on its corporate Web page as a "pre-IPO company igniting low latency data centers, cloud networking and computing environments." Data center specialist Arista is unique among many hot pre-IPO companies because it has taken in no venture capital funding, and is instead financed by its principals. Arista CEO Jayshree Ullal told Reuters earlier in March that the company is not only profitable but is also investing lot of its profits into R&D, sales and marketing -- and has been fending off potential acquirers during its march to IPO. Ullal told Reuters that Arista is looking to expand its board of directors in the second half of 2012 or early in 2013, about its intended timeframe for an IPO.


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