Review: HP Spectre 360 A Perfect Mix Of Style, Form, Function

HP Inc. delivers a brushed-aluminum laptop with a new 6th Generation Intel i7 processor, making it one of the best-looking, best-priced and best-performing laptops in its class.

Pomeroy CEO Q&A: Here's Why Private Equity Has Its Eye On The Channel

After Pomeroy was acquired by Clearlake Capital and set to be merged with Tolt Solutions, Pomeroy's Chris Froman speaks on new competitive advantages and why private equity is eager to get in on the industry action.

CRN Exclusive: Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman On Possible Pivotal IPO, Dell-EMC Selling Assets, And HPE Partner Opportunity

With Hewlett Packard Enterprise officially launching on the NYSE Monday, Whitman speaks with CRN about the launch of the two new companies, the possibility of an EMC Pivotal IPO, and the challenges facing Dell and its planned $67 billion acquisition of EMC.

Head-To-Head: HTC One A9 Vs. Google Nexus 5X

HTC recently raised the curtain on its newest smartphone, the One A9 ... which may edge out Google's Nexus 5X in looks, but are its specs worth its heftier price?

IDC: Top 5 Tablet Vendors With The Highest Shipments In Q3

The tablet market declined 12.6 percent in the third quarter vs. the same period last year, according to IDC. Here are the top five tablet vendors in the third quarter.

AWS Re:Invent 2015: 11 Storage Products For AWS Clouds

This month's Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference was an opportunity for storage vendors to highlight new and better ways to take data to and from AWS.

5 Companies That Had A Rough Week

For the week ending Oct. 30, CRN looks at IT companies that were unfortunate, unsuccessful or just didn't make good decisions.

5 Companies That Came To Win This Week

For the week ending Oct. 30, CRN takes a look at the companies that brought their 'A' game to the channel.

10 Signs The AWS Cloud Juggernaut Is Unstoppable

After the re:Invent conference and a stellar Q3 earnings call, it appears clear that AWS is unready and unwilling to even slightly relinquish its lead in the market.

6 Interesting Facts Cisco Wants Investors To Know

Among fascinating aspects of a presentation sent to investors and filed with the SEC are the networking giant's philosophy of performance-based executive compensation, 'shareholder-friendly' governance and its top five focus areas going forward.

IDC: 5 Worldwide Smartphone Vendors With The Highest Q3 Shipments

Market research firm IDC said third-quarter worldwide smartphone shipments were the second-highest ever for a single quarter, led by vendors like Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

Q&A: Intel Security's Chris Young On New Strategy, The Evolving Security Partner And The Symantec Split

Senior Vice President and General Manager Chris Young spoke with CRN about Intel Security's new strategy and what it means for partners.

CRN Exclusive: Weisler On Competing Against Dell, Reselling Surface Pro And The New HP Inc.

HP Inc. CEO Dion Weisler, who is officially set to launch the new $55 billion independent PC business -- a Fortune 50 company -- Nov. 1, spoke with CRN about the opportunity to gain share against Dell, reselling Surface Pro, Windows 10, Apple's enterprise play and the outlook for HP Inc.

10 Solution Providers That Have Attracted Private Equity

Private-equity firms have ponied up to buy all or parts of channel partners within the past two years. Here’s a look at 10 recent deals.

Dell's Rory Read: EMC Integration Will Be Done 6-9 Months After Acquisition Closes

Dell Chief Operating Officer Rory Read, who joined the company in March, spoke with CRN about why he'll be the 'chief integration officer' following Dell's acquisition of EMC.

6 Things You Need To Know About HP's Helion OpenStack 2.0 Release

Hewlett Packard Enterprise on Wednesday said its new HP Helion OpenStack 2.0 enterprise-grade, open-source-based cloud platform is now available. Here is a look at the top six things partners need to know about HP Helion OpenStack 2.0.

CRN Exclusive: Meg Whitman On The Price Dell Paid For EMC, Phone Calls With Dell-EMC-VMware CEOs And The Opportunity For HP Partners To Gain Share

With Hewlett Packard Enterprise set to officially launch Nov. 1, CEO Meg Whitman spoke with CRN about the new independent Fortune 50 company and the far-reaching impact of Dell's $67 billion acquisition of EMC-VMware.

Oracle CTO Ellison: 'We No Longer Pay Any Attention' To IBM, SAP

Larry Ellison, now chief technology officer of the company he built into a global software and hardware behemoth, shared Oracle's design goals in the cloud era and his thoughts on the competitive landscape at OpenWorld 2015.

10 Things Partners Need To Know About Intel Security's New Strategy

The company reveals a completely revamped strategic direction at its Focus 15 event in Las Vegas. Here's what it all means for partners.

Oracle OpenWorld 2015: Intel CEO Talks Transformational Partnership With Oracle

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich took the stage at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 and revealed the technological innovations the partnership between the two companies is driving.

Scenes From Dell World 2015: What Will Be After The Deal With EMC?

The serious business of Dell's pending EMC acquisition was the talk of Dell World, but solution providers and customers also found time for fun.

10 Spooky Security Threats To Watch This Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, security professionals have to be on the lookout for vulnerabilities, or risk being spooked by attackers. Take a look at 10 security scares from October that might be lurking around.

CRN Exclusive: Dell's Marius Haas Gives The Inside Story Of EMC Deal And Its Impact On Cisco, VMware

In a Q&A with CRN at the Dell World conference, Haas said that the company is doing 'extreme diligence' to make sure that there's no customer -- and no partner -- disruption.

Follow The Money: 13 Tech Venture Capital Investments In September

Venture funding continues to flow to IT startups, especially in the areas of security and Software-as-a-Service applications. Here's a look at 13 financing announcements that caught our attention.

5 Companies That Had A Rough Week

For the week ending Oct. 23, CRN looks at IT companies that were unfortunate, unsuccessful or just didn't make good decisions.