10 Signs The Cisco-EMC Partnership Is Fraying

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Ongoing VCE Tension

VCE the company has done much to appease partners frustrated by the early VCE channel program rollout and the deal-stalling efforts of having to register Vblock deals with multiple vendors. But sources tell CRN that tension remains between some of the most important stakeholders in the VCE relationship: the Cisco, EMC and VCE sales teams themselves.

"Cisco and EMC reps both hate VCE," said the CEO of a major East Coast solution provider and VCE partner. "Why? It slows down deals and it makes them miss quotas. I've seen deals dismantled at the last minute just so the Cisco and EMC guys can make their [individual] numbers. With VCE you're not dealing with one company, you're really dealing with four companies."


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