10 Sticky Questions For The Avaya Channel

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Is Avaya Threatened In Contact Center?

Cisco's recently stepped-up investment in contact center technology -- and its appeals to Avaya and other vendors' contact center partners to re-engage with Cisco on that front -- has put the entire market segment on notice. Avaya is undergoing a substantial refresh of contact center platforms with its Avaya Aura Contact Center, which means things will continue to be interesting, especially with smaller, agile competitors like Interactive Intelligence also attacking the space.

"Cisco has a very well-articulated road map in place for how they're going to go after this space and try to displace Avaya," said Jon Arnold, principal of analyst firm J. Arnold & Associates. "If they can start to penetrate that, Avaya is in big trouble because that's the one market Avaya's truly owned for a long time."

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