The 10 Biggest Networking Stories Of 2012

5. Making Practical Sense Of BYOD

Whereas last year every vendor was talking up a "BYOD strategy," this year they started to make money from them. While there's no question the trend will continue, the industry-wide conversation shifted this year to focus on the practical challenges of BYOD. For example, a November study by Blue Coat suggested most organizations still aren't realizing the full benefits of mobile device use due to IT administrators' hesitation. Meanwhile, telecom researcher Ovum recently suggested that the move toward BYOD might have cultural implications. "Employees in high-growth, emerging economies are demonstrating a more flexible attitude to working hours, and are happy to use their own devices for work. However, in mature markets, employees have settled into comfortable patterns of working behavior and are more precious about the separation of their work and personal domains," Ovum said. "This bifurcation in behavior will shape not just future patterns of enterprise mobility in high-growth markets compared to mature markets, but also dictate which markets, structurally, are going to benefit most from this revolution in how and where we work."


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