The 10 Biggest Networking Stories Of 2012

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Networking News

Most 2012 discussions of the networking industry began and ended in the same place: software-defined networking (SDN), what is it, what technologies are involved, is the channel important in the SDN push and does it threaten old-guard networking vendors like Cisco and HP? The answers are just as varied and bound to get even more interesting in 2013 as SDN moves from academe to practical discussion to go-to-market focus for everyone in the industry.

But, SDN wasn't all that happened in networking this year; there were headlines aplenty for the likes of Juniper, Huawei, Microsoft and, above all, Cisco, which will exit calendar 2012 in a far better position than when it entered. Here are the 10 networking news stories that mattered most in 2012.

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