MIT Researcher: 6 Ways Technology Will Make Us Immortal, Telepathic And More

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Rose said the emerging Internet of Things trend will also enable people to be telepathic, or know what those around them are thinking and doing.

The MIT-developed LumiTouch, for instance, is a picture frame that allows users to know when their loved ones are thinking about them. LumiTouch users can squeeze the frame surrounding a photo of a family member, and then that family member's framed picture of them (assuming it’s also a LumiTouch) will light up as a result, sending the signal that they're on somebody's mind.

Rose also noted other new, Jetson-like gadgets for the home that arm users with a telepathic-like skill. Internet-connected doorbells, for instance, can be programmed to send a specific ring tone to family member's smartphone when another member is approaching the door.


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