Top 10 Most Always-On IT Jobs

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No. 8: IT Security

Though IT security ranked No. 8 on the list, it's still an always-on job. Ranking the highest at 89 percent, IT security respondents said they agree or strongly agree they have to make emergency decisions quickly. "Email is always crowded. Phone is always ringing," wrote one government supervisor. However, IT security pros scored the lowest for fast responses, with 61 percent saying they agree or strongly agree that they respond quickly to all inquiries. The average, according to the report, was 76 percent across all positions surveyed, which caused some confusion for the Business-Critical Continuity experts. "This puzzles us, and we're interested to hear the thoughts of IT security professionals," the report noted. That said, IT security pros, let 'em have it.

Fifty-seven percent agreed or strongly agreed their success was dependent upon aspects outside their control. The report notes this can often lead to frustration. "While being in control and accountable can contribute to Always-On, we think lack of control can lead to frustration in a role that generally is Always-On," the report said.

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