Top 10 Most Always-On IT Jobs

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No. 3: CIO

Chief information officers scored the highest on survey questions about "dependencies and multitasking" within their positions. CIOs are typically working on multiple projects simultaneously and required to make important decisions about those projects at any given moment, according to the report. "I have to be on call at night to do workday-quality work," said one CIO in the U.S. construction industry in the survey. And, more often than not, CIOs have to be available 24/7 to receive emergency calls, with many CIO respondents noting that they have been contacted while on vacation.

Additional demands often put upon CIOs, the survey found, included having to motivate and manage others' work, as well as "getting everyone on the same page" and ensuring all members of a team are contributing to their level of abilities. And, not surprisingly, more than any other IT role, CIOs manage a significant portion of the company's budget. "Making sure technology is put to good use keeping [the] company's cost in mind," wrote one CIO in Asia, is a common "Always-On" situation.

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