Cisco Partner Summit Preview: 10 Things Partners Hope To Learn

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How Can Partner Certifications Resonate With Customers?

Cisco and its partners are diligent about education and training, which means it's no cake walk for solution providers to earn a top-tier certification. That's why partners like TekLinks' Girouard would love to see Cisco push out a strategy for making these elite certifications more recognizable and meaningful to end customers.

"Partners have been asking for a long for [Cisco] to create some meaning around their partner accreditation levels to the end user," Girouard said. "I have been branded Master-certified. That takes a lot effort and investment, and the only ones who know what a Master-certified partner is are other partners and Cisco. I would love to see a huge branding exercise around Cisco-Powered Data Center Services and Master-certified, or a whole campaign around 'buy your Cisco equipment from Master-certified partners, and here's why they're so valuable.'"


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