Cisco Partner Summit Preview: 10 Things Partners Hope To Learn

How Should Partners Position Meraki Solutions?

Cisco last year bolstered its wireless and cloud-based network management practice with its blockbuster $1.2 billion acquisition of Meraki. But, according to TekLinks' Girouard, the unique value proposition of selling a legacy Meraki solution versus one of Cisco's traditional wireless solution still isn't entirely clear.

"There is enough overlap between [Cisco's] current wireless solutions and the Meraki solution where I understand at a high-level what the difference is, but there needs to be some clear delineation, which I'm hoping to get, between when to position the Meraki solution versus the traditional wireless stuff," Girouard said.

In addition, Girouard said he would like to hear what the managed services play could be around Meraki, given its centralized and cloud-based management system.

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