5 Solution Providers Placing Bets On 'Internet Of Things'

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Rochester N.Y.-based solution provider Integron has a taken a unique approach to M2M, marrying M2M technologies with its IT services expertise to offer M2M and wireless managed services. To do this, Integron has teamed up with major carriers T-Mobile and Sprint, but also more niche players such as Wyless, a Boston-based network operator and M2M managed services provider. Integron primarily targets its M2M managed services -- which include everything from helping with M2M deployments to managing the wireless networks that support them -- at the health-care industry, along with enterprises grappling with asset management.

"This relationship will help customers streamline their M2M solution design and implementation cycle," Bryan Lubel, president of Integron, said in a statement announcing Integron's partnership with Wyless in 2011. "Our clients are asking for a comprehensive managed service model, as they begin to understand the complexity of the value chain and the resources required to design, implement and sustain M2M projects."


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