5G Whiz: 7 Hot Devices Supporting The 802.11ac Standard

Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station

Apple may be best known for its iPhone and iPad, but the tech giant also plays in the world of Wi-Fi.

Apple this year launched its AirPort Extreme Base Station, its next-generation router complete with 802.11ac support and six different antennas, including three for the 2.4GHz band and three for the 5GHz band.

But, like most Apple products, it's the design of the AirPort that really makes it stand out in a crowd. Apple leveraged a new vertical design that it said both improves the device's performance and saves users' valuable desk space. Measuring in at less than 4 square inches and just 6.6 inches tall, the AirPort Extreme is 64 percent smaller than its predecessor, Apple said.


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