7 Cool Network Devices That Add Value Too

ZyXEL Wireless Extender

When the budget falls short for building an 802.11ac network, boosting the range of an existing network might be the next best thing. Few devices are easier to install than the Wireless N300 Range Extender from ZyXEL. To extend a network, simply plug the device directly into an outlet at the outer edge of the existing 802.1 b/g/n access point, connect a PC to its built-in Ethernet port and point a browser to it. A web-based wizard takes it from there, and if configured using defaults, repeats on a separate channel the SSID of the access point it's extending. For around $59 list, ZyXEL offers a simple, low-cost solution for squeezing extra life from an existing network and even offers MAC address filtering and other security features apart from the AP it's repeating.

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