Palo Alto Networks CEO: 12 Reasons We're Set To Soar In 2014

Compelling Customer Sales Data

We have got over 13,500 customers now. We have been adding over 1,000 new customers a quarter. Of the entire base of those customers, the trending of the lifetime value [software purchases] last quarter is 5.4 times. What that means is that the average customer has purchased 5.4 times their initial [Palo Alto Networks software] purchase. So if they spent $50,000 with us [in 2008 or 2009], they have spent $270,000 by now. That number -- the 5.4 number -- has gone up every single quarter. So two quarters ago it was like 4.8, then it was 5.2, now it is 5.6. And it keeps trending in that direction.

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