2010 Channel Chiefs: Who's Who In Systems And Peripherals

If you're evaluating new vendors or looking to expand your systems and peripherals solution offerings, these are the people, the products and the programs you need to know.

Top Honors: Kaspersky Hails Best Partners Of 2010

Kaspersky Lab handed out awards during its annual Americas Partner Conference, held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Feb. 11-14. Here are a few of the company's most outstanding players.

2010 Channel Chiefs: Who's Who In Networking

Meet the executives responsible for running channels at vendors in the networking market.

What's In A Name? The Apple iPad And 15 Other Poorly Named Tech Products

The Apple iPad has been lampooned for its unfortunate name. With that in mind, we hunted down 15 more technology products with no-so-great monikers.

2010 Channel Chiefs: Who's Who In Security

Meet the executives responsible for running channels at vendors in the IT security market.

10 Drool-Inducing Smartphones From Mobile World Congress

From Acer to HTC, Samsung to Motorola, Sony Ericsson to Huawei, mobility's biggest names converged on Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2010. Here are 10 must-see smartphones from the show's first few days.

15 Biggest Data Breaches Of The Decade

Data breaches are bigger and more destructive than ever in 2010. Here are some of the ones that have gotten attention over the last 10 years.

2010 Channel Chiefs: Who's Who In Storage

In our first look at the top Channel Chiefs of 2010, we present the leading vendors selling storage solutions through the channel. If you're evaluating new vendors, or looking to expand your storage offerings, these are the people, the products and the programs you need to know.

Cool Scenes From MacWorld 2010

Apple's absence meant a smaller show, but also one that had a more care-free atmosphere.

VAR500 This Week

Lots of earning reports in this week, from the likes of Unisys, Cognizant, Insight and CSC. And Convergys Gets a new CEO.

VMware Keeps On Truckin' With Mobile VDI Demo Center

VMware is planning to travel the country with a 18-wheeler hauling its mobile virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) demo center as a way to introduce its virtual desktop technology to potential partners and clients. Step inside with ChannelWeb for a first look inside the VMware Express.

First Look At The Panasonic Toughbook H1 Field

The 'world's most rugged tablet PC' has a whole lot going for it.

20 Potential Eye-Catchers At Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress, one of the mobile world's biggest confabs, kicks off in Barcelona Monday. Here's a look at smartphones and other products you'll definitely see there, and some you might, depending on the reliability of rumor mills.

10 Past Microsoft Acquisitions And What They Mean Now

Here we present 10 major Microsoft deals dating back to 2005 along with insight into what these acquisitions mean for Microsoft today.

Ranking The Super Bowl Tech Ads

Robots and tigers and Bears, oh my!

First Look At Intel's New VPro Lineup

The chip giant adds new remote management, encryption and anti-theft tools baked right into next-gen Intel Core vPro processors for commercial desktops and notebooks.

VAR500 This Week: Earnings Up, M&A Activity Hits Stride

Capgemini buys cybersecurity firm, while other VARs announce earnings and mergers.

Going Green With Eco-Friendly Components

Going green was the rage of 2009, and the buzz in 2010 isn't letting up. Manufacturers are responding to increased demands from their white box makers for more eco-friendly components.

Six iPad Accessories Available Now

If you just can't wait the50-odd days to get your hands on an Apple iPad, you can bide the time by ordering a handful of accessories now. Here's a look at some of them.

15 Open-Source PBX/VoIP Products To Know

Will 2010 be the year that open-source PBX and VoIP reach critical mass? Here are 15 companies that hope so.

2010: A Decade Of Malware

Malware has evolved from low-key e-mail attacks to stealthy, complex and profit-motivated information-stealing botnets and SQL attacks. What's next on the horizon?

Non-Apple Tablets From A to Z

The long-awaited iPad has arrived. But here are 12 other tablet devices that will take aim at Apple this year as the suddenly crowded tablet PC market heats up.

10 Cloud Computing Predictions For 2010

While the cloud is still seen by many as a relatively immature technology, industry watchers and experts are predicting 2010 will be the cloud computing's year.

20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors

What do the nuts and bolts of a cloud-based solution look like? These 20 cloud infrastructure vendors have the inside scoop.

10 Haiti Earthquake Scams To Avoid

Scammers are already exploiting the tragedy in Haiti with a slew of phishing attacks and malware sites designed to take advantage of users' curiosity and generosity toward the humanitarian effort. Watch out for these 10 scams.