Head Of AT&T Partner Exchange: 'Our Strategy Is Working'

Where should AT&T partners place their bets in 2014?

I think the big opportunities are cloud, which is really what's causing many [partners] to really feel that urgency to transform their business, because now, a lot of the services they were offered in the past, kind of in a bricks-and-mortar way, are moving into the cloud. So that's a huge opportunity, the opportunity to be the ones that pull that all together.

Mobility is certainly a huge trend. And while there are some solution providers focused on mobility, many of those coming into the program haven't really managed mobility in the past. And, of course, being AT&T, this is our area of expertise. So we can train them, teach them, have marketing materials for them, make it easy for them to add mobile solutions to whatever the solution is that they offer their customers. We believe that this is the future.


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