The Biggest Cisco Stories Of 2013

8. Cisco Teases 'UCS 2.0'

When Cisco launched its initial Unified Computing System in 2009, many were skeptical the networking kingpin could establish a foothold in servers. Fast-forward to today, and UCS represents a $2 billion-plus business that grew 44 percent in Cisco's last quarter alone. And that journey, Cisco hinted in December, is far from over.

At the Raymond James Systems, Semiconductors, Software & Supply Chain Conference in New York, Cisco vice president Paul Perez told investors that Cisco is readying another server market shake-up with the launch of UCS 2.0, a new version of the company's flagship converged infrastructure offering that, according to Perez, will be purpose-built for big data and complex Web service provider environments. "We are in the midst of executing what we call our UCS 2.0 strategy, and that is focused on data-intensive applications," said Perez.

Perez didn't give a specific timeline for a UCS 2.0 launch but said Cisco is working to integrate solid-state storage technology from its Whiptail acquisition into the product.


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