CES 2014: Cisco's Chambers On Internet Of Everything, 2014 Challenges

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What major challenges will Cisco face in 2014?

The major challenge I think for us, and for the industry at whole, is about what you are seeing here at CES. The Internet of things is the next major market transition, and it is about connectivity. ... What you are going to see is this transform every aspect of the user experience, for entertainment, for business, for health care, etc.

So what I will focus on in my keynote tomorrow is how we think this will dwarf what has occurred in the first 30 years of the Internet from 1984 when our company was founded with 1,000 attachments to the Internet, and think about where this is going to go. But what people are really missing is [that it's] about how you use this data ... [and get] it to the right person, at the right time, in the format that they want, and in a format that they can make decisions off of. ... I think it's the ability to be able to think out-of-box about how this will transform all of IT.


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