CES 2014: Cisco's Chambers On Internet Of Everything, 2014 Challenges

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How will the Internet of Everything change the face of Cisco as a company?

If you watch, what the Internet of Everything will do ... will be the equivalent of what occurred a decade and a half ago with e-commerce and Cisco. It was e-commerce that suddenly put us on the stage on a global basis and that brought the Internet and the power of technology to a practical end use. The last decade we have done very well with data, voice video coming together over the Internet as a common fabric. This will be bigger than all of those combined, if we do it right. I would say, using my numbers, it's five to 10 [times] what has been done to the Internet over the past 30 years, in terms of the opportunity for the next decade.

So for Cisco, [it's about] our ability to lead not just in thought leadership, [but] our ability to say how this changes the everyday life of people around the world, and how do you take all these concepts together and realize this can completely transform [not only] our company but also our ability to go to market with others. It will require a new form of IT.


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