5 Vendors Who Came To Win This Week

For the week ending April 16, Channelweb.com looks at five vendors who brought their 'A' game, as well as five vendors that made questionable moves or were simply asleep at the wheel.

10 Key Vendor Players In The Video Channel

Plenty of vendors dabble in video or video-related collaboration products, but there are a select few vendors who qualify as major video players and for whom any VAR with a video communications practice needs to keep an eye on.

10 Systems and Peripherals The Midmarket Needs Right Now

From iPad to leading edge server technology, here are products that should be considered for deployment in midmarkets and workgroups to drive new business productivity or usage opportunities.

10 Applications The Midmarket Needs Right Now

Here's our take on what we see as some of the leading business applications for midmarket businesses and the solution providers who serve them.

Scenes From Synnex's Varnex Spring Conference, Orlando

Synnex held its Varnex Spring Conference April 11-14. The event brought more than 200 VARs and dozens of vendors to sunny Orlando, where attendees discussed the latest channel issues. Here's a few scenes from the event.

10 Networking Products The Midmarket Needs Right Now

Midmarket customers are often left with either small business-oriented networking products, or watered down versions of enterprise-class gear. Here are 10 products meeting customers' needs in the middle.

7 iPhone Apps That AT&T Probably Loathes

The never-ending parade of iPhone apps that gobble AT&T's 3G network bandwidth has got to be causing insomnia for the carriers' executive leadership. Here we look at 8 representative examples of iPhone apps that AT&T probably wishes would ride away into the sunset and never come back.

10 Data Center Products The Midmarket Needs Right Now

Data centers are no place for the timid, as the requirements for increasing performance, reliability, and management constantly evolve.

Google Docs Updates: A Look Inside

Google updated its cloud-based Google Docs offerings this week adding a host of new features and functions. Here's a look at some of the new capabilities as Google continues to go after Microsoft in the cloud.

10 Scenes From Microsoft's Kin Launch

Following are 10 scenes from Microsoft's Kin launch event in San Francisco that illustrate the software giant's ambitious effort to court a new type of consumer.

10 Storage Products The Midmarket Needs Right Now

The midmarket storage customer needs the sophistication of enterprise-class products and the price and hand-holding more often found in small businesses, and vendors are responding.

VAR500 Roundup: Mphasis Gets Fortify-ed, Capgemini Helps Utilities Turn On, And More

VAR500 companies make acquisitions, fend off lawsuits and -- oh, yes -- offer new services.

10 Companies That Came To Win This Week

Some moves are popular, others not so much. But they're all the types of decisions that could end up paying handsome dividends down the road.

Dark Skies Above: The Top 7 Cloud Computing Security Threats

As cloud computing becomes more ubiquitous, it also opens itself up to potential security issues. Here are the top seven security threats in the cloud, according to a report from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

10 Hot Security Products The Midmarket Needs Right Now

The midmarket is known for its complexity and diversity, but can also create myriad opportunities for channel partners. Here are a few security products that can ease some pain for mid-tier customers.

Tech Vendor Stocks Fight Back In Q1

Twenty-two of 32 technology vendors saw their stocks increase in the first quarter.

10 Cloud Tips From NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson offers insight into SaaS and cloud computing and how partners should prepare for the market shift.

Dell Refreshes Latitude Laptop Line

Dell has made enhancements to the Latitude E-family of commercial laptops, adding new processors, new colors and new management functionality. Here's a deeper look at the updates.

The Dark Side Of The iPad: 8 Security Flaws

iPad is here, and along with all the hype around this "game-changer" comes real and potential security flaws that give malicious attackers reason to celebrate as well.

Bell Micro, Insight Headline Q1 Channel Stocks

After a stellar 2009, channel stocks settled down in the first quarter of 2010. Five of 10 companies highlighted here by Channelweb.com saw their stocks fall, albeit slightly during the first three months of the year. Only two companies saw double-digit percentage increases, and one of those was just acquired.

Apple iPad In The Cloud: 10 Cool Cloud Computing iPad Apps

With the launch of the Apple iPad, app developers have created a host of applications that leverage the cloud. Here we take a look at 10 cool cloud computing applications available in the App Store for the Apple iPad.

10 Bizarre Tech Acquisitions Of The Past Decade

Here we offer 10 examples of tech acquisitions that baffled the industry. We're not saying they were all failures, but they definitely confused the heck out of people.

20 Cool Scenes From Apple's iPad Launch

Across the nation, ChannelWeb.com was on hand at various Apple Store events where Apple kicked off the sale of its new iPad tablet to the thrill of adoring fans.

VAR500 Roundup: Presos From Digital River, Sword and Shield, And CDW

When you're on top, it's a great time to share the wealth -- of information, that is, with market-focused presentations.

10 Great (And Free) iPad Apps For Business

Apple said Monday that through the first day of availability it had sold 300,000 iPads and that 1 million iPad apps had been downloaded on Day 1. Here is a sampling of 10 great free iPad apps that can be used for business.