10 Networking Predictions For 2014

Channel IP Surveillance Opportunities

Hungry for better resolution, built-in analytics and other new features, organizations are increasingly deploying IP- rather than traditional analog-based surveillance cameras to protect and monitor their businesses. In fact, according to analyst firm Research and Markets, the IP or network video surveillance market is expected to grow four-fold, in terms of overall revenue, between now and the end of 2018. As that shift happens, businesses will turn to the IT channel, rather than legacy physical security or A/V providers, to help install and provide services around those cameras because IP cameras, unlike their analog-based counterparts, are really just another node on the network -- and when it comes to managing networks, infrastructure-focused solution providers are king. Ned Fasullo, chief marketing officer at solution provider Global Data Systems, a partner of video surveillance vendor Axis Communications, told CRN last year he is seeing "enormous growth" in his IP video surveillance business. "We think in the next two to four years, we are going to probably see our own security sales grow at least 20 to 30 percent," Fasullo said. "And that's an easy, easy target."


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