10 Networking Predictions For 2014

IoE Will Redefine Quality Of Service

As the Internet of Things, or Internet of Everything, gains traction in 2014, the industry will need to change how it thinks about and defines quality of service, according to Ixia Communications. The reason, Ixia said, is that today, when users experiences connectivity issues, they simply call IT or their service provider. But that troubleshooting process will change greatly given that everyday "things" like refrigerators, cars and pacemakers essentially become the user, or network subscriber, in IoT environments. "[W]ho wants to find out their device has experienced low quality of service via a gallon of spoiled milk, an overheated car or cardiac arrest? The Internet of Everything forces us to reconsider the idea of who a network subscriber is, and what this subscriber expects the network to deliver, requiring that QoS be redefined as well," writes Scott Register, Ixia's senior director of product management for network visibility solutions, in a blog. Register added that the type of always-on connectivity that IoE uses could likely demand different performance and security requirements than traditional voice or data connections, and "new service models and performance measurements will be required."

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