Smart Billboards, Connected Bus Stops And Other Must-See Items At Cisco Live 2014

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The Internet of Everything (IoE) Machine

Christie said a big theme of this year's Cisco Live event is taking Cisco's vision for the Internet of Everything -- a world where everyday objects use a web connection to communicate with each other and the people around them -- and making it a reality. To do that, and to give attendees a more tangible look at what an IoE-enabled world will look like, Cisco Live will include an "Internet of Everything (IoE) Machine." Christie described this 20-by-20 foot structure as being similar to a Rube Goldberg machine.

"It brings to life action and reaction, and in the IoE world there are actions and reactions based on new data, realtime info and insights," Christie said. Attendees will be able to physically interact with the machine, which replicates what a "smart city" will look like when IoE is used to streamline things like transportation and waste management.

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