Smart Billboards, Connected Bus Stops And Other Must-See Items At Cisco Live 2014

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Cisco's Connected Billboard

Not all of the big attractions at Cisco Live this year are inside the walls of San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center. Take, for example, the connected "smart" billboard Cisco has mounted on highway 101. Meant to be a real-life example of how IoE will change our day-to-day lives, the billboard can adjust its display in realtime based on traffic patterns. Christie explained that, when cars are moving faster, the billboard automatically adjusts its message -- which, of course, is centered around IoE -- to be shorter so that drivers have enough time to read it. When cars are moving slowly, during rush hour, for example, the message gets longer.

The billboard, which is on 101 just south of Whipple Avenue in Redwood City, uses road sensor API traffic data. Christie said that smart billboards could allow marketing and ad agencies to push out personalized messages on-the-fly.

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