A Conversation With Trend Micro's Eva Chen

Trend Micro CEO Eva Chen recently sat down with ChannelWeb Managing Editor of Technology Jennifer Hagendorf Follett to discuss the evolving security landscape and how the company plans to tackle emerging Web threats. Here are edited excerpts of the conversation.

What is it about today's Web threats that makes them so hard to defend against?

Usually [hackers] send spam mail to the user with a [compromised] URL in it. Then the user receives it, clicks on it and they go to a site. But then quietly that site is redirected to another malware site and a hosting site will download the malware. This first download usually looks very innocent, like it does nothing. But it goes to another malware site to download another component, and it will repeat that until it is compiled into a unique virus sample. Think about this: each of the samples becomes unique. Using patterns to detect it is almost impossible. Usually at the end it becomes a bot. And then the bot will receive a command from the hacker, usually to steal passwords or usernames, accounts, there are a lot of things they can do.

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