18 Attention Grabbers From CES Opening Night

Ever forgot where you put your mobile phone and lapsed into a panic? Yeah, thought so. That's what makes ZOMM such a potentially great product. The company behind ZOMM, which also happens to be called ZOMM (more on that later) calls the device its launching at CES 2010, "a Bluetooth wireless leash for mobile phones."

ZOMM is designed to hang on a keychain and sounds an alarm whenever you walk too far away from your mobile device. But that's not all: ZOMM also vibrates and lights up when a call is coming in, and users can answer calls through ZOMM's speakerphone from a device sitting on the other side of the room. ZOMM also has a personal safety feature that emits a loud alarm at the press of a button.

ZOMM is the brainchild of Laurie Penix, a mother of three who apparently became fed up with hearing people talk about the horror of losing their phones, and decided to do something about it. ZOMM stands for Zachry, Olivia and Madison's Mom. It's nice back story, but they're probably going to have to come up with a catchier name if this product goes mass market.

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