Raise The Shield: 25 Hot New Security Products At RSA Conference 2011

MokaFive Suite 3.0

MokaFive will launch its MokaFive Suite 3.0 at RSA this week introducing full support for Windows 7, improved security features and multi-tenant capabilities for managed service providers. The solution presents a high performance, secure and cost-effective alternative to VDI.

By encapsulating Windows 7 into a virtual desktop, customers can now remotely deploy Windows 7 without a deskside visit. MokaFive has partnered with AVG to provide a built-in anti-malware scan to enable use of personal devices for business. MokaFive Suite Service Provider Edition enables MSPs to provide desktop management from the cloud by offering managed service providers true multi-tenancy, golden image management tools and consolidated cross-tenant reporting. Service Providers can now provide managed desktop services with a shared infrastructure that is lightweight and easily scalable.

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