25 More Head-Turning Security Products To See At RSA Conference 2011

MBX Systems SYXMO Remote Monitoring

MBX Systems introduced SYZMO (System Zero Fault Monitoring), a 24x7x365 remote monitoring solution that continually reports on the operating health of MBX-manufactured server appliances to help prevent downtime for deployed software applications. Launched at RSA, SYZMO is customized to operate with each customer application and installed on MBX hardware. It continuously feeds appliance operational data to the MBX data center for detection of anomalies that indicate a risk of component or system failure. Significant changes in CPUs, power, system temperature or other factors trigger automatic alerts, allowing swift intervention to avoid service interruptions. Customers can monitor alerts themselves through a Web portal, engage MBX to advise them when problems occur, or contract with MBX to handle problem resolution with the end user.

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