Mobile Device Security: Inside Mobile Malware Threats

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Malware Threats And Mobile Devices

From Google Android devices to the Apple iPhone, there is no shortage of mobile devices making their way into the enterprise. So far, mobile malware has remained a nascent threat next to the flood of Trojans, rootkits and viruses targeting PCs. But that doesn’t mean the iPhone in your pocket isn’t being targeted, or that enterprises don’t need to factor mobile threats in to their security assessments. On the contrary, the growing consumerization of IT means businesses are under increasing pressure to meet the demands of managing and securing mobile devices.

So what do some of the latest malware threats to your smartphone look like? We have gathered some examples to paint an image of recent threats that have knocked on the digital doors of smartphone users around the world, as well as what businesses should consider when crafting policies to protect their employees and their data.

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