10 Security Predictions For 2012

8. Small Businesses An Easy Target

Cyber-attacks against small businesses will increase in 2012, as hackers seek the easiest path to profits. Businesses in general are storing a rising amount of valuable data and small companies are no exception. However, smaller businesses lack the security budgets of bigger players, so are unable to build the same level of protection, experts say. Making small businesses particularly vulnerable is their tendency to postpone or overlook upgrades and replacements of legacy systems. Expect to see more common modes of attacks directed at small companies, from social engineering to SQL injections. The trend is not lost on vendors. Sophos partnered in 2011 with D&H Distributing, which has a channel and partner network of more than 25,000 SMB resellers. For many small businesses, the cloud will be a safer haven. Expect to see an increasing number of companies sign up for managed security, letting cloud service providers worry about upgrades and maintenance.

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