7 Security Threats Circling Your Network

3. Incidents Related To Employees' Personal Devices (BYOD)

“Hey, I got this new tablet and I’m going to use it on the network.” We’re not really sure how often these words are actually spoken, because a lot of times the devices simply show up without permission. But “bring-your-own-device,” also known as the “Consumerization of IT” has opened up a Wild West of new threat vectors. It's a fear that is quickly creeping up on IT departments, as 13 percent of surveyed IT professionals said BYOD represented the most likely threat facing their network security over the next 12 months.The focus for the channel is mostly around detecting devices, maintaining security and figuring out exactly what those devices might be up to. This is an especially tall order when you consider the fact that personal devices are, well, personal. And, that means gaining access to them and managing them can be a lot more difficult, especially when employees are less than thrilled about the idea.

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