7 Security Threats Circling Your Network

But Really It's ... All Of The Above

Of course none of these threats exist in a vacuum, and the reality is than any number of them could hitting your customers' networks at any given time. When you consider the fact that success with information security is truly dependent upon one’s ability to approach the full range of threats, it's little wonder 19 percent of survey respondents named "all of the above" as the biggest threat facing network security over the next year. After all, when catastrophe strikes, customers are rarely mollified by a recitation of the attacks that did not succeed. By that point, one of them did. So the discussion turns toward what to do next. As a channel partner, you are expected to have that solution pretty much in lock-and-load. Being fully prepared can actually help to maintain your customer relationship. Note that eight percent of survey respondents actually said that none of these categories represent the biggest threat out there, so if you've got a jump start on what else might be lurking out there, your customers will surely thank you.


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