Mac Attacks: Top 10 Bugs Targeting Apple

Mac Protector

Also during spring 2011, Defender variant Mac Protector arrived on the scene, popping up and telling users that their machines were heavily burdened with a whole slew of software nasties, and then offering to sell a cleanup tool that would put things back on the straight and narrow. All you needed to do was trust them with your credit card number and your troubles would be over. Wouldn't they? OK, probably not. But this was a Mac, and not a PC where ploys such as this one were pretty commonplace. Similar to Mac Defender, Mac Protector would ask for the root password, and included quite a bit of subterfuge to make itself look like a genuine, legitimate response to malware. Once installed it would conduct an imitated scan, and then request that the user register in order to clean up the purported mess. At that point, credit card information and similar details would be requested. Apple eventually released an OS X update to protect against the "protector."

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