Symantec To Partners: Tackle Cybersecurity's Crucial Next Steps

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Sequestration Stress

DLT Solutions CTO Van Ristau was part of a panel called "Cyberscope and Continuous Monitoring," focused on public sector compliance challenges. He later told CRN that while government pundits, federal specialists and channel partners alike are concerned about the so-called "fiscal cliff," he believed the U.S. government would find a way out of sequestration in time for the new year.

"How they're going to come up with the pluses and minuses of what they need to hit, I don't know. We're going to have to have some tax revenues from somewhere," Ristau said. "But they'll figure out a way. I just don't believe we'll get to that point. There's too much to lose and not enough to gain. Congress won't let it get that far before accommodations are made."

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