Top 5 Android Malware Threats

Android Data Stealers

Android data stealers often bilk users of information such as their operating system version, product ID, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number and other information that could be used in future attacks. The data stealers consisted of 24.9 percent of all Android threat types in 2012, according to Trend Micro's analysis. DroidDream, detected by researchers at Lookout Mobile Security, Inc. in 2011, gained the most notoriety. The malware was found embedded in more than 50 mobile apps in the official Google Play store. It was believed to have been downloaded 5,000 times before it was removed. The malicious code was designed to break out of Android's application security sandbox to send information from the phone to a remote server. Variants of DroidDream still circulate on third-party Android app stores.

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