Top 5 Android Malware Threats

Malicious Android Downloaders

Malicious downloaders accounted for 22.8 percent of all Android threat types in 2012, according to Trend Micro. Once a malicious downloader has infected a victim's Android device, it is designed to contact a remote server to await instructions or download additional Android malware. In July, OpFake malware was seen bundled with a legitimate version of the Opera Mini browser. The designer of the malware mimicked the installation process of the Opera Mini browser, requesting permission from the user to modify rights to SMS and MMS messages, read contacts and modify the contents of the device's SD card. The victim was then prompted with a second permission request to install Opera Mini. A similar tactic was detected in China with as many as 100,000 victims. Once installed, the malware silently downloaded paid apps and multimedia content from an official Google market in China racking up charges on the victim's phone bill.

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