Review: Covertix's Remarkable 'Agentless' Security Locks Data Tight


Living up to its name, SmartCipher also permits the creation of rules for operations permitted on data within protected files. For example, users might be granted the ability to view a list of names and addresses but prevented from copying, deleting or printing the list, copying, renaming or forwarding the file, or saving it with a new name. The software can even prevent printing or capturing the screen while a protected file is visible. Files also can be protected based on their network or domain of origin, device or MAC address on which they reside, and other factors. Rules also can apply if certain content is added to a file at any time during its lifetime. "Regardless of the location of the file, if I created a policy that [kicks in] if the words 'top secret' appear [in the file], that file is automatically protected," said Kasan.

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