Review: Covertix's Remarkable 'Agentless' Security Locks Data Tight

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If data is copied from a protected file, a custom message is displayed (like the one shown) to inform the user that the operation being attempted has failed. Perhaps most fascinating, the security policies not only travel with the file, but also with the file's contents. For example, if the rules applied to a particular file permit copying of its data and pasting it into a new file, the data in the new file also will be protected. If a policy created later is to prevent copying, then the new file will no longer be accessible.

"We could prevent copying period, but you have to allow some sort of workflow," explained Kasan of this remarkable retroactive protection. "So we allow copying and pasting of permitted data between ordinary applications, but can prevent it if the policy changes later." The software also can exercise dominion over how applications relate to each other. "We can allow copying from Word to Word or from one Office app to another, but prevent copying from Word to Outlook, Notepad or a browser," he said.

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