Data Breach Security From A To Z


Hactivists had a serious impact on data breaches in 2011, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. Hacktivists are motivated for political or personal reasons and attempt to hack a target to shame or embarrass the organization. Denial-of-Service attacks are a common weapon used by hacktivists to cripple or take down a website and sometimes find coding errors in the targeted organization's website in an attempt to take it down and deface it. Members of the Anonymous collective were responsible for a spate of attacks that resulted in stolen data. LulzSec, a loosely connected Anonymous hacking group, was responsible for hacking into Sony Pictures in 2011, stealing user account data and forcing Sony to halt its gaming platform. The group also gained access to HBGary Federal, stealing research and email information and posting the information to the Pirate Bay file-sharing service.

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