Data Breach Security From A To Z

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Data Breach Security Basics

Companies face daily threats from cybercriminals, hacktivists and nation-state-sponsored hacking groups. Financially motivated cybercriminals typically use automated tools to spread a wide attack campaign, gaining as many victims as possible. Hacktivists are politically motivated and often use distributed Denial-of-Service attacks as a weapon to cripple or bring down a website. Nation-state-sponsored hacking groups choose a specific target and stealthily conduct cyberespionage activities on a network over extended periods of time. Their aim is to steal intellectual property, email and other sensitive documents.

Security experts say focusing on basic security controls can greatly reduce risk. Cybercriminals typically target the lowest-hanging fruit, such as unpatched software and common configuration weaknesses, to gain a foothold in an organization, establish a communication channel with a remote server and quickly steal sensitive data. To keep up to speed with the changing security landscape, here's a look at data breach security from A to Z.

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