5 Concerning Reasons The U.S. Power Grid Is Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Electric Utilities Implement Only Minimum Security Measures

The threat of Iran, China or other countries attempting to bring down the U.S. power grid isn't enough to prompt electric utilities to better lock down and monitor systems, according to a report issued by two U.S. legislators last week. Electric utility operators comply with mandatory cybersecurity standards, but often fail to implement voluntary recommendations, the report found. The Electric Grid Vulnerability report surveyed about 150 electric utilities in the United States. Reps. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., and Henry A. Waxman, D-Calif., are attempting to bolster support of the GRID Act, legislation that was introduced in 2010 to create mandatory physical and cybersecurity standards for electric utilities. The electric grid is the target of numerous daily cyberattacks, including malware, phishing and network probes, the report found.

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