5 Ways To Safeguard Devices And Data While Traveling Abroad

Avoid Data Exposure, Costly Privacy Intrusions

Individuals who travel to Asia and certain Eastern European countries may be at an increased risk of a malware infection or inspection of electronic devices at the demand of government agents, according to security experts. Large businesses with employees who travel to remote locations often have strict policies to safeguard data. However, government agencies often prepare to have devices snooped on when visiting certain countries, prohibiting officials from storing restricted information. Even encrypted data is at risk. A chief security officer who worked for several defense contractors told CRN that mobile devices and laptops were scanned for hidden malware and often destroyed upon return from China or business trips to Eastern European countries. Individuals who travel to high-threat countries should bring only "disposable" devices, warns Richard Bejtlich, chief information security officer at Mandiant. Here are five steps you can take to help safeguard your devices while abroad.

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