10 Emerging Security Technologies Gaining Interest, Adoption

8. Fingerprinting The Adversary

Targeted attacks designed to steal intellectual property have been gaining attention of security researchers. Comprehensive risk assessments should give organizations a clearer picture of the attackers that may have an interest in the company's sensitive business data. Part of the process includes identifying and classifying data within the organization, according to penetration testers and consultants who help businesses with assessments. On the technology front, an emerging vendor set on identifying an organization's threat actors and taking a more proactive approach is Irvine, Calif.-based CrowdStrike. The firm is introducing its cloud-based Falcon platform that claims to provide attribution on attackers. Meanwhile, San Francisco-based Mykonos Software offers an appliance to profile attackers, fingerprinting cybercriminals based on their intent and skills and injecting the attack platform used with a token to block future attacks.

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