Dirty Dozen: Top 12 Spam Countries Identified

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1. United States

The United States retained the spamming crown on the Dirty Dozen list, sending 13.8 percent of spam globally, Sophos said. The company said the U.S. population and its robust Internet connectivity helps it retain the leadership position.

Spamhaus lists three spammers on its worst spammer list: Quick Cart Pro, Yair Shalev and iMedia Networks. Quick Cart Pro, an operation with ties to Russia and Canada, promotes fake pharmaceuticals, Spamhaus said. Yair Shalev, a high-volume spammer, uses the showshoe method to send messages, spreading out spam across many IPs and domains, in order to dilute reputation metrics and evade filters, Spamhaus said. And, iMedia Networks, operated by Michael Lindsay, is a spam-hosting operation serving bulletproof hosting at high premiums to well-known spam gangs, according to Spamhaus.

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