Droid Danger: Top 10 Android Malware Families

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Mobile Malware Rising

Mobile malware has been skyrocketing, according to security vendors monitoring the threat landscape. Trend Micro's latest quarterly threat report, "Mobile Threats Go Full Throttle," outlines some of the most dangerous threats, such as SMS Trojans and spyware. The threats are riskiest for Android device owners in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America, according to the threat statistics provided by the security vendor. Many of the malicious applications spoof legitimate mobile apps and are downloaded from third-party application stores. Trend Micro also highlighted some of the latest threats, such as the Master Key Vulnerability, a security flaw in Android that could be used to weaponize a legitimate application by bypassing a verification check in the Google Play store.

Here's a look at the top 10 Android malware threats, according to Trend Micro.

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