10 Ways NSA Surveillance Revelations Could Impact The Channel

3. Defending Against Insider Threats

U.S. intelligence agencies say they are still investigating the extent of the data taken by Snowden. Estimates run from hundreds to potentially tens of thousands of documents bilked from NSA files. Snowden, a system administrator working for McLean, Va.-based Booz Allen Hamilton, gained access to NSA systems from his location in Hawaii. Snowden reportedly downloaded the documents onto USB keys. An NBC news report revealed that Snowden was one of about 1,000 system administrators who were given broad access to NSA systems and his "actions were largely unaudited." The NSA revelations could renew interest in database activity monitoring, technologies that monitor employee behavior, and control end-user activity, according to solution providers. Web content filtering, whitelisting and other measures also could be taken to strengthen security measures.

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