10 Ways NSA Surveillance Revelations Could Impact The Channel

NSA Surveillance Repercussions Prompt Need For Planning

Channel chiefs from some top technology firms had little to say when asked by CRN editors about how revelations over NSA surveillance activities could positively or negatively impact the channel. Meanwhile, leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden continued to make top headlines during a roundtable discussion with the channel chiefs at the XChange 2013 Conference in Washington, D.C. Edison Peres, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Cisco, summoned up a succinct answer: "We're still trying to understand what's happening there," Peres told CRN. "I'm not sure the whole thing is really clear yet." But as leaks continue to expose NSA activities, from reportedly obtaining ways to decrypt sensitive data to implementing back doors in widely used software, solution providers told CRN they believe the impact from the revelations could have significant repercussions on sales. Here are 10 areas where the consequences could be potentially considerable.

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