McAfee Partner Summit: 10 Ways McAfee Executives Engaged Channel Partners

CIOs To Partners: 'Don't Cold-Call Or Email Blast Us'

From left to right, CIO of Internet2 Shelton Waggener, SAP Americas CIO Michael Golz, Intel CIO Kim Stevenson and Patty Hatter, CIO of McAfee, talk about security trends and their experiences working with partners. The panelists said that partners shouldn't cold-call or send out email blasts because they are annoying and they just ignore them. Engage with other business-line managers, such as the head of HR or marketing who may have a problem they want to solve, the CIOs said. Finally, don't ignore the CIO during the engagement. "Partners we value truly care more about the relationship and solving the problem than the transaction," Stevenson said. "You need to position yourself with the personality of the company and bring a different set of skills to the table."

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